Through volunteering, I choose to challenge myself with something that I have never done before. I feel like volunteering is an opportunity to gain experience and skills, utilize those aptitudes and experience for something worthy.


Volunteering in CREASION has opened my eyes to new opportunities, I have always assumed giving back to society wouldn't be as easy as taking. For the longest time, I held on to the belief that working for change required plenty of skills and knowledge. All of this changed when I got a chance to volunteer. This is how I choose to give to the community what it truly deserves.


Working with Volunteer for Change (VFC) through CREASION, I'm able to put my words into action. Through VFC I am able to contribute to the community. Team mates are amazing and supportive along with that we have got brilliant superiors who are working with us in every situation to make our plan succeed.


Volunteering in CREASION through Volunteer for Change (VFC) has been an incredible journey, helping others or even creating a tiny impact from my side in any possible way, makes me feel more fulfilled, satisfied, content and provides a sense of purpose. I personally feel that volunteerism will not only contribute to giving back to the community, it will also lift the community's well-being.

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